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A call to build ground-breaking innovating models

As we embark in a new era of virtual and hybrid learning, we call for ground-breaking partnerships to empower young talent in Africa to innovate and make a global impact, we call upon companies and institutions to help transition Seme City into a complete hybrid model with a strong accent on e-learning.

We are “Innovation Made in Africa”.

Valuing knowledge as an engine of growth

The international city of innovation and knowledge, also known as Sèmè City is one of the 45 flagship projects of the Beninese Government’s Action Plan.

Sèmè City is an innovation campus that brings together higher education and vocational training institutions, research centers, incubators and open innovation spaces. Its mission is to give young Beninese people the opportunity to create solutions that generate value and create employment around three major axes: training, research and high-growth entrepreneurship.


Academic and Professional Training

Innovative training programmes, in line with the changing needs of the Beninese and sub-regional economy, with a strong emphasis on professionalization, as well as the development of personal skills and entrepreneurship.



Scientific research programmes to develop and test sustainable solutions to major problems in Benin and the sub-region.



Entrepreneurship programmes to strengthen the capacities of Beninese entrepreneurs and more specifically to support the emergence of innovative start-ups – the future locomotives for job creation and growth.


Seme One, Sèmè City’s first innovation Campus building

Seme One front view

Located in Cotonou, Benin, Sèmè One is home to over a dozen programs. This multiplex offers bachelor’s degrees in design and information technology, incubation, training and support programs that promote high-growth entrepreneurship, and an X-ray laboratory which offers practical & technical skill acquisition.

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