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About Seme City

Promoting the development of a knowledge-based economy

The Government of the Republic of Benin launched in December 2016 “Benin Revealed”, an unprecedented development and investment programme. This programme aims to ensure inclusive and sustainable growth through increased collaboration with private sector partners. It is notably based on 45 flagship projects in 9 strategic sectors.


One of these flagship projects is the creation of the International City of Innovation and Knowledge called Sèmè City. Sèmè City aims to provide a stimulating framework for meeting the skills needs of African markets through training, research and entrepreneurship.


This eco-city dedicated to knowledge and innovation and offering incentives for investment and the creation of innovative companies is being built in successive phases on 200 ha in the region.


of Sèmè-Podji with an emphasis on sustainable, economical and innovative solutions.


Benin thus wishes to develop a unique place that will train a new generation of talents, equip them for the future and foster an inclusive and sustainable growth model based on “Made in Africa” innovation.


Some perspectives:

  • Create more than 100,000 jobs, at least a third of which will be self-employment and 40% by women by 2030.
  • Become the partner of choice for innovative projects in strategic areas through partnerships
  • Contributing to the achievement of sustainable development objectives



Valuing knowledge as an engine of growth


Academic and Professional Training

Innovative training programmes, in line with the changing needs of the Beninese and sub-regional economy, with a strong emphasis on professionalization, as well as the development of personal skills and entrepreneurship.



Scientific research programmes to develop and test sustainable solutions to major problems in Benin and the sub-region.




Entrepreneurship programmes to strengthen the capacities of Beninese entrepreneurs and more specifically to support the emergence of innovative start-ups, the future locomotives for job creation and growth.




The challenge of African excellence in the 21st century

The Sèmè City Development Agency (ADSC) has been entrusted with the creation and implementation of the City. Created by decree n°2017-440 on August 31, 2017, the ADSC is a public institution with financial autonomy and placed under the supervision of the Presidency of the Republic.


The ADSC’s mission is to design and implement a favorable and attractive framework for various partners ranging from training institutions, research centers, incubators and companies in order to build an ecosystem of innovation, creating wealth and jobs.